The Key To Having A Great Network

The key to having a great network is member participation!  The more participation we have by the members within our network, the better the network will become.

1. Schedule & Attend Our Events – We’re one of the few Meetup groups we’ve seen where all members are able to create their own events. If you’d like to do something, and you want others to join you, we welcome you schedule a new event, we’ll review and approve it (if we deem it an acceptable event for our group), and then you can see who responds. Virtually any type of event and location throughout South Florida is welcome. Day trips, overnight trips, and vacations outside of South Florida are welcome as well. Events can be posted to any and all of our groups that you’re a member of and you desire to. The key to making this network exactly what you’d like it to be is to both schedule events you’d like, and to attend all events created by others that you’d like to. 

Click here to learn how to schedule an event!

In our opinion, this is by far the best way to schedule events, so that every member can schedule virtually anything they want, where they want, and when they want. Our thinking is a bit out of the box versus how groups usually schedule events on Meetup (we do it the normal way as well), but once members understand and get used to our philosophy, they realize how awesome it is. 

2. Invite New Members – If you like what we’re doing, invite everyone you know (and like) in South Florida to join us, and ask them to do the same. The more great members we have, the more great people you’ll be able to meet, do things, have fun, and become friends with. One great tip is when you attend events, invite your non-member friends to come with you. Then they can experience our group with a friend at their side.

Please contact Ken Levinson using the contact section for anything that you wish to discuss or need help with.