Our RSVP Policy – Please Read & Follow

Our network has an RSVP Policy. It is more strict than the policy of many other Meetup groups, which is because our Organizer, Ken Levinson is a stickler about members being responsible and considerate. Ken wants responsible and considerate members as a part of this network. If someone is not willing to be responsible and considerate, they are welcome to join elsewhere. Our policy is very simple and easy to follow:

Important RSVP Policy; If you RSVP “Yes” to a meetup event, and then change your mind, you must amend your RSVP to a “No”. If it’s at the last minute, please also call (if a phone number is provided) or email (if a phone number is not provided) the event host. Unless there are extenuating circumstances which are communicated and accepted, not following this policy is grounds for termination from our group. This policy is all about providing simple common courtesy to our event hosts and members who are attending our events. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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