How To Schedule Any Event You’d Like

We’re one of the few Meetup groups we’ve seen where all members are able to create their own events. If you’d like to do something, and you want others to join you, we welcome you schedule a new event, we’ll review and approve it (if we deem it an acceptable event for our group), and then you can see who responds. Virtually any type of event and location throughout South Florida is welcome. Day trips, overnight trips, and vacations outside of South Florida are welcome as well. Events can be posted to any and all of our groups that you’re a member of and you desire to.

Here is a step by step overview of how to post an event.

Important Note: The overview below is how to post a basic event. There are advanced scheduling features available only for group leadership members. If you plan to post events regularly, please contact Ken Levinson using the contact information page, and we can arrange to give you access to those advanced features. Meetup offers a blog post entitled How Do I Schedule A Meetup, which is good reading as well.

1, Go to the group or groups in our network where you’d like to schedule an event.

2. Once you are at the group, in the middle column right underneath where it says “Please Schedule A New Meetup For Anything You’d Like To Do! We’ll Reviewed & Approve It!”, click where it says “Schedule A New Meetup”. Then fill out the following information:

a. “What Should We Do” – This is where you type what you want to do. Something like “Go Dancing” or “Go to a Miami Heat Game”.

b. “More Details” – This is where you want to provide any more detail you’d like about your event, aside from the date and location. It’s important to tell those who RSVP how to find you, and how to get in touch with you if they have any questions. It’s also a good idea to message each person who RSVPs with your cell phone number, and to ask for theirs. If you are charging a fee for the event you’re posting, please include the cost and instructions on how to pay in this area as well.

c. “When” – Provide the date of the event, and the time that the event will start. Optionally, you can also include the time that the event will end.

d. “Where” – Provide the address of the name of the venue if appropriate and the address. Meetup has many locations already in their database which you can use. or you can enter the information manually.

3. As the organizer of an event, I would advise you to include our RSVP Policy at the bottom of your event posting. Here it is:

Important RSVP Policy; If you RSVP “Yes” to a meetup event, and then change your mind, you must amend your RSVP to a “No”. If it’s at the last minute, please also call (if a phone number is provided) or email (if a phone number is not provided) the event host. Unless there are extenuating circumstances which are communicated and accepted, not following this policy is grounds for termination from our group. This policy is all about providing simple common courtesy to our event hosts and members who are attending our events. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

4. Then click “Suggest This Meetup”.

5. The suggested event will then be reviewed by group leadership, approved if deemed an acceptable event, and will then be announced to the group.

6. That’s all there is to it. If you then wish to post the same event to any of our other groups, feel free to do so.

7. If you need help posting an event, or if you wish to cancel or edit an event that you’ve scheduled, please contact Iris Brady (Co-Organizer) at or 561-859-7955 (call or text) for assistance. The only people who can cancel or edit events are our leadership team.