About Ken Levinson – Network Founder

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I created an award-winning job board and have led an executive search firm, a candidate sourcing service and a social network for business professionals. My areas of recruiting expertise span the oil and gas, information systems, financial services, and healthcare/medical industries. Possessing over 30 years of experience in talent acquisition, I have served as a consultant and senior vice president of recruiting and sales for a major financial services company.

Currently I am a Senior Consultant to Enchanted Careers, LLC, which provides resume writing services virtually guaranteed to land interviews, training in effective job posting, job board and resume database selection, subscription negotiation, performance evaluation and optimization as well as income boosting opportunities. Enchanted Careers, LLC serves clients nationwide. I am also a Senior Consultant to Health Jobs Nationwide, which purchased the various web properties that I founded while at CJ Ventures. In both roles, I utilize my vast knowledge and diverse experience to support and enhance company operations, direction, sales, and growth.

Currently, I am an Advisory Board Member of Identified. Identified is a San Francisco-based data and analytics company that pioneered SYMAN, a technology that transforms social data from Facebook into professional intelligence for people and companies.Identified Recruit is a powerful, industry-specific talent search engine that operates on top of Facebook — the largest, most current passive candidate database in the world. Identified harnesses the power of SYMAN search technology on top of Facebook to extract only professional information for recruiters to find the best candidates. Identified Recruit tool helps you target and engage the 80% of the US workforce that is not applying to job postings or utilizing LinkedIn.

One of my greatest passions is connecting people via numerous networking endeavors. People connecting is what I do at work and play. I am the Founder of the following people connecting endeavors;

Smooth Jazz Spothttp://www.smoothjazzspot.com, the largest Contemporary Jazz Social Network on the Internet, connecting 25,000+ music executives, musicians, and fans of the Contemporary Jazz music genre.

Healthcare Network Spothttp://www.healthcarenetworkspot.com, which connects people interested in health, healthcare, and being healthy.

Do Things Networkhttp://www.dothingsnetwork.com, which connects South Florida to make new friends and have fun.

Talk Politics Now; http://www.talkpoliticsnow.com, a Facebook group allowing discussion about politics, keeping your Timeline less controversial, and more positive.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart Robin for over 30 years.

My daughter Jessica is the Founder of Enchanted Careers, LLC,which offers interview generating resume writing services, effective job posting content training, free job board subscription consulting, and legitimate extra income opportunities. Enchanted Careers, LLC serves clients nationwide; http://www.enchantedcareers.com

My son Cary is Founding Partner of Levinson & Capuano, LLC, a South Florida Divorce and Family Law Firm, servicing clients in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade Counties; http://www.browardlegal.com/

Robin and I are animal lovers, with a Husky, Golden Lab, Golden Retriever, and 3 cats. They have a house on a lake, with a forest next door in Lake Worth, FL (Palm Beach County). They moved from Cherry Hill, NJ to South Florida right after they got married.

Founder of:





http://www.healthjobsusa.com/ (sold 7/11)

http://www.medicalmingle.com/ (sold 7/11)

http://www.nurseoptions.com/ (sold 7/11)

http://www.medoptions.com/ (sold 7/11)

http://www.rehaboptions.com/ (sold 7/11)